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Can you NOT take medication for gout?

I am allergic to most medications and become allergic to them as I take them over the years--including antibiotics.  I have a fairly hard,movable lump on my elbow that my Dermatologist is sure is gout ---- or osteoarthritis(?) and sent me for blood tests.  Can't take steriods or NSAIDs - allergic to steroids and have Crohns disease and gastritis.  Afraid of what I read about the gout drugs.  I am on Evista for my osteoporosis, Prevacid and Zantac for my gastritis, Librium and Liubrax for my Crohns (unable to take any of the Crohns meds).  Had an infected middle toe that is pretty much OK now between soaking and Bactroban.

I am underweight and trying to gain, had a mastectomy (no chemo/radiation), had severe hyperthyroidism which I took the radio active iodine pill for and my numbers are now in the normal range after 3 years.  I am afraid to add any more dugs to my plate esp. some of my drugs affect the liver.

Don't want to add any more pills as I have enough.  I do not drink much water, etc.   Pretty upset right now.  

Please advise...Thanks.
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There are some alternative treatments that could be considered.  A low purine diet is recommended for Gout patients.  Google it and you will find lots of information.  Can you eat cherries?  They are said to decrease inflammation.  
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