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DDD pain normal?

I was diagnosed with DDD when I went a orthopaedic doctor for acute backpain about 3 months ago. (That pain was sudden and lasted for about 3 weeks without letting up and it hurt to breathe and move)

He put me on Celebrex but it doesn't seem to do anything for me on a daily basis. I told him that when I sit for a long period I am hunched over when I get up until it works itself out and if I sit on the floor I can barely move. He said it was just likely due to the DDD.

When I cross my legs I get burning pain in my hip like the hip floxor area.

Does this sound like DDD to you or something more? My sister has Rhemutoid Arthritis (AutoImmune diseases run ramped in my family) I took the xrays from my orthopaedic to my primary care and she agreed on the arthritis although she admitted she stinks at reading xrays. Should I ask ab out a RA test?

Thanks for your time.
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Because you have a history of autoimmune diseases in your family, I definitely think you should ask to have blood tests to check for RA and other conditions.  Especially of all they have done is take x-rays.  While you may have degenerative disc disease, you may also have another condition.  Be persistent.  If you feel that you have something else going on make them test to prove you do not.  I was initially dx'd with fibro but it did not feel right.  A year and a different doctor later I walked away with a list of things wrong and not one of them was FMS.  Don't be afraid to get a second (or third or fourth) opinion if you think your doctor is not interested in pursuing this further.  Please let us know what you find out!
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