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Debilitating pain when I arise in morning

What causes a debilitating pain in the morning?  This pain has increased from 20-30 min. to 4-6 hrs.  It clears and then the next morning begins all over.  It prevents me from walking, sitting or standing without being in tears from pain.  An xray showed mild arthritis although I had back surgery 3 years ago for spinal stenosis, scoliosis and degenerative discs.  I have been feeling remarkably well and exercising until this has caused such severe pain. I hate to go to bed at night because I know that it begins again in the morning and extends a  longer period of time each day.  How can it come and go like that?   Reneikan
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Have you considered getting a mri to see if you have a bulging disc or that the way to lay may cause something to press on a nerve? I would go to your dr and request a mri. Also you may want to consider putting something under your bed to elevate the legs or elevate the head and a mattress topper. I have back problems and I can't get out of bed the next day without my topper. Best wishes, Sissie
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