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Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - but I'm not sure if this is right

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I am waiting on another appt. for further discussion on options to help me deal with day to day life.  The below are my symptoms - does anyone have any other ideas about what this could be?

-intense fatigue
-muscle pain (stiffness in back/shoulders/neck)
-sore body
-carpal tunnel syndrome
-eye floaters
-weight gain
-hair loss (replaced with strange coarse black hair)
-loss of concentration
-possible sleep apnea (one episode of 84 blood oxygen for 23 sec. while sleeping)-home sleep study
-lack of energy (difficult to exercise)
-loss of libido
-depression (thoughts of suicide)

-most blood tests appear normal: (see below)
-evidence of prior epstein-barr
-ESR - 11 mm/hr                                        -TSH - 1.69 uIU/mL
-cortisol - 9.5 ug/dL                                    - Free T4 - 1.2 ng/dL
-B12 - 360 pg/mL                                       - Streptozyme Screen - negative - titer <100
-ANA Ab - negative titer <1:40                     - Rheumatoid Factor - 10 IU/mL
-DHEA Sulfate - 129                                   - WBC - 9.4 K/uL
-Glucose - 113 mg/dL (non fasting)              - platelet cnt - 234 K/uL
*-CRP Quant (CRPHS) - 1.2 Mg/dL (inflammatory disorders normal range <0.8 mg/dL)
-HLA B-27 Antigen - Not Detected

- Western Blot Lyme - Reactive to 2 of the 10 (41kD and 58 kD) for IgG, and 1 of 3 (41kD) for IgM

I'm hoping that someone can look at these results and figure out what is wrong with me.  My rheumatologist has put me on Provigil as he feels that my fibromyalgia may stem from a mild form of narcolepsy.  However, I will be seeing him again in a few weeks for examination of further testing.

I have done extensive research and have come across many possibilites - but it seems like some of the blood work always everything out.

Anyone have any thoughts?  I appreciate any insights!

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By the way - I am a 26 year old female living in New Mexico
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kdogg31, hey hang in there, you're not alone with being undiagnosed and living in worry and pain...I'm there too.  Just try to remain positive, these things take time to figure out (weeks, months) and when you're feeling horrible, like me, every day seems to take forever and every new doctor appointment seems too long too wait for...I know, I'm going on 3 months of badness now.  One thing that really made me feel better was going to the gym and doing light workouts...I know it's hard when you're fatigued, but once you start doing it you'll want to go back...you need to distract yourself from the pain and worry.

I'm no doctor but have you or your doctor looked into anything environmental, such as heavy metal poisoning, lead exposure, mold?  For some reason your symptoms remind of that...don't know why.

Good luck
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Thanks for your encouragement - I really appreciate the support.  My first thought was environment as well - i insisted on heavy metal testing - and everything came back normal.  I'm not sure what to think now - i'm seriously considering getting further lyme testing from a more reputable lab.  Otherwise, i'm not sure what else to try.  The other thing i'm going to try is givng up aspartame of all sorts.  I used to drink one diet soda a day and chew 3-4 pieces of sugar free gum a day.  I found lots of discussion online about aspartame poisoning - i'm hoping that this helps me feel better.  Thanks agian for your help!
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