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Does RA alone make me more likely to contract HSV2

There isn't enough information about this online.
My girlfriend meet with a terrible twist of fate one night, a few months before we started dating.
A while into our relationship, she developed a single skin colored bump that produced no pain or blisters. It went away. She seems to get it every time she has her period and was concerned. She tested positive for Hsv2. Even tho she doesn't have traditional symptoms. We have held off on penetrative sex after this finding. They gave her meds before she even got her positive results back. So she is medicated.
Now that you have the back story....
My question is. Does me having RA rheumatoid arthritis. Increase my chance of contracting it from her.
She is terrified and I am concerned as well. I have heard so much conflicting information, some say ( physician ) that only when I'm on my RA meds the likely hood increases. I hope someone can offer me some insight on this. I love this girl, she is getting a confirmatory test in a few months, because her symptoms are non existent. Also would the infection be 10x worse for me.
Thanks for any help
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