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Elevated ANA Titer

I had some lab work ordered by one physician [Cardiologist] in early November & found out @ the end of that month that the ANA Titer was abnormal & she wanted me to be referred to a RA Specialist for care regarding that result.  I then went to my primary care physician to get the consult referral.  I actually looked over the lab results in her office & the ANA result was reported as 180 by the lab it was done in.  My question @ this time [because I have no idea of when I will actually see the RA specialist] is what does this indicate?  The other RA tests were NEG., but both physicians do think I do need to see this specific specialist.  I was once diagnosed with fibromyalgia [about 8yrs ago] and do have severe pain [it has gotten to that point over the years] which has progressively become that way more so since I had to have a pacemaker inserted in 2011 - ironic??  I actually even found myself having to retire from my job following the PM surgery & feeling so bad - not recovering well afterwards.

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Hi lifesaver1.
Welcome to the forum.

An abnormal ANA titer of 1:80, is actually considered a negative
by most specialists.
This test, if positive,is just indicative, anyway.

It may also be the absence of findings, that prompted the cardiologist
to suggest a referral to a Rheumatologist.

Your surgery to have your pacemaker installed was probably the trigger-
not the cause- of a possible underlying dormant or low grade infectious condition, common with MOST of FMS sufferers!

I'm not surprised that you had the need for a pacemaker, as another 2  common features of FMS are: Low Blood Volume and Heart Arrhythmia.
Had your Cardiologist been more familiar with FMS, most likely you wouldn't have had this procedure.
I'm only going by the limited information form your post.
My opinion is that if the root cause of these symptoms is treated, then
there's no need for a pacemaker, right?
So if you were to get your blood volume checked and it's found to be low
(from memory I think lower than 15%) this will indicate presence of a pathogenic infection, suspected of causing this.
And since  the need of regulating the heart rhythm with a pacemaker has obviously been confirmed, this indicates the presence of a pathogenic infection being suspect of causing the irregularity.

There are preliminary tests and if both positive then, you need a specialist,
in this field of medicine, like Dr. Garth Nicolson to help you pursue this and get a proper dx. and consequently proper treatment.
Dr. Nicolson is a MedHelp Expert Doctor, having contributed his expert opinion many times on this forum. Just do a search here.

Most doctors are really not knowledgeable when it comes to these difficult to detect pathogenic infections, and this makes a lot of sense.

To perpetual treatment of such conditions as it is presently, allows for huge profit making from the sales of meds to manage the symptoms of these.
The correct treatment protocol (specific antibiotics and natural/holistic approaches to strengthen the immune system) is of no interest to the Pharmaceutical companies, as there's almost no profit potential.
So in the end, the result is huge numbers of patients suffering from FMS,
CFS, RA, and other diseases, many of them misdiagnosed, undiagnosed
and with inefficient/ineffective treatment regimens.

It saddens me to read your story, however there are things you can still do.
Let me know, if you need details.
Wish you well!
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