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Foot/heel tender; vibration/pulsation; Restless foot

I was hoping for a doctor's response, but it seems posting questions has reached its limits. I think, however, that my problem could be common and fellow members might be able to share their experience.

I'm a 21-yr-old white male.

I've been suffering from:
- painful (dull-aching) left heel when sitting or sleeping on my back or left side. I find it pretty difficult to choose a comfortable position when trying to sleep.
- sensation of vibration/pulsation/throbbing coming deep from within the left foot. It only comes on sitting or sleeping.
- my left foot feels weird; I constantly feel the urge to switch positions just for the sake of it
- there doesn't seem to be a relation to daytime or activity. Even when I spend a couple of days at home, the pain is there

I do NOT suffer from:
- pain on walking or standing
- pain on getting up from sleep

The symptoms started with wearing a new uncomfortable pair of shoes. My dad, a physician, also says that I have a left 'flat' foot. I'm also relatively inactive, yet not obese. I think all these factors could have caused Plantar Fasciitis. The symptoms seem to not get alleviated by time though I don't walk much. I tried to wear cushioned sport shoes at home and apply ice packs for the last 2 months, but it didn't work. I heard Plantar Fasciitis is much refractory to healing, but is it that tough even when I don't walk a lot?

My other more important concern is what the pulsation/vibration sensation could be. Is there any chance it could be a tumor in the foot? I had a plain X-ray of my foot 4 months ago and it showed no abnormalities.

I'd appreciate hearing your opinions about this.
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