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Has diabetes led to arthritis/gout?

I have been very successful at keeping my blood glucose numbers in check without medication until recently.  I started having throbbing pain in the big toes of one or the other foot.  Then pain presented in my right knee.  I was told it was bursitis and was advised to take over-the-counter pain relievers.  I chose Motrin because I had good success with it during a toothache.  

When the pain reliever didn't relieve the pain, I had a session with an acupuncturist.  That also did not relieve the pain.  I then met with an orthopedic P.A. who showed me the x-ray film, pointing out two little bone spurs on either side of the knee cap, an indication of arthritis.  (I had gone online when I started getting pains in my toes and found that gout often follows diabetes.)  The P.A. wrote me a prescription for 500mg of Nabumetone, a pain killer.  When I asked what the side effects were, she said upset stomach was the most common.  However, when I filled the prescription, the warnings on the printout were extremely serious and very upsetting.

According to the printout:  WARNING:  THE RISK OF SERIOUS AND SOMETIMES FATAL HEART PROBLEMS, HEART ATTACK, AND STROKE may be increased with the use of this medicine....THE RISK OF SERIOUS AND SOMETIMES FATAL STOMACH AND BOWEL PROBLEMS, including bleeding, ulcers and holes in the stomach and bowel, is increased while using this medicine.

The warning goes on to list meds and conditions that require close monitoring during use of this new med, such as:  blood thinners (I take an aspirin a day); water pills such as hydrochlorothiazide (I take that); ACE inhibitors (such as lisinopril, which I take).  One reason I stopped taking Motrin for the pain was its own warning not to mix NSAIDS.  That led me to notice that the Bayer aspirin I've been taking daily for over 6 years is an NSAID!

I have been able to sleep by keeping an ice pack wrapped in a towel in the bed with me, pressed against my knee.  I'm more concerned that my blood glucose levels have risen dramatically during these past few weeks and I'm convinced my body is in stress trying to deal with the pain in my knee.

I'm seeing the orthopedist on Friday to explore other options.  Does anyone have any suggestions or experience to share?

Thank you in advance.
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Hey rosco888,
I fully understand the nature of your issues, as  most doctors have become
negligent when prescribing meds without much regard to how they might impact our health. Any friends of mine who were on multiple meds, have gotten worse over time. The side effects require  even more medications
and at the end there are so many interactions between all these drugs,
that I'm afraid they will never get better.
There's also a degree of dependency, more mental than physical I believe,
to the point that  they think there's no other option.
In your case it seems that you are very proactive with your health and taking a careful approach with your condition.
I have to commend you for this, as I find too many people follow medical advice blindly.

Holistic gout and general arthritis  treatment is what I suggest.
!st thing to do is reduce the amount of animal source proteins in your diet.
Alcohol, caffeine, carbs including ALL sugars even artificial, junk foods
are arthritis forming foods.
Stay away from  rich foods in purine, as the purine reacts with gastric acid
in the digestion to produce uric acid as a by-product. So meat, legumes,
mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach, canned  sardines  and anchovies in oil,
alcohol are out. Do search for a complete list.
What helps is maintaining an alkaline diet.

I put in my alkaline anti-arthritis drink, the juice of a fresh lemon or 2T of raw organic ACV, 1/4 t baking powder, one 500 mg tablet bromelain (blood thinning properties-eliminate aspirin if you want to use bromelain which is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent) and 250 ml filtered or spring water.

"For substance P-a neurotransmitter related to pain, use cayenne pepper powder, flour and water and make a paste-poultice to put over a cloth and then over the painful area.

EVCO-extra virgin coconut oil- to replace ALL other cooking oils, will result in LESS inflammation, as there's no alteration using EVCO with heat. Also is anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral! Go to the coconut research center website for more info. Also check out Oil Pulling with EVCO.

DMSO 30% solution with distilled water and only 10% solution for neck line and above -lab grade- applied in thin coats over clean painful areas is a great way to relief pain fast and to also get the antioxidant benefit s of DMSO.
Not available easily! Must be purchased from veterinarian supply shops, as it's not FDA approved. A very fundamental remedy for horses and farm animals. People that grew up in a farm will relate to this. Just follow the aforementioned instructions. Works real good for pain. I managed to take care of my bout of pleurisy a few months ago, using DMSO, Reiki and Self-Hypnosis. Otherwise, I would have been out of commission!
I was functional and actually managed to go to work without missing a day.

Magnesium oil, made from MGCl-magnesium chloride flakes and hot water 50-50. Place in plastic spray bottle when cooled down and spray all over body and rub. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then shower. Great way to supplement,-as most arthritis sufferers are Mg deficient- and also pain relief remedy. Do daily
for a couple weeks to build up Mg stores, then do every other day.
*Taken from an older post of mine.

I'm not a medical doctor, so please research all this very carefully, or consult with a holistic doctor, before using any of the aforementioned

Post again soon should you have any questions or to comment.
Wish you well!
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Niko -

Thank you so much for this full and comprehensive response!  I've printed it out so I can refer to it often.

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