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Hip Pain

My  hip, right at the top of the joint, gives me severe pain when I get up after sitting or driving.  Worse at night, and keeps me awake sometimes.  It feels a bit more like muscle pain than joint paint most of the time except after sitting.
Would glucosamine, or joint juice keep this from getting worse?  I am 58 years old and was a runner during high school.  I work on my feet all day.  Could this be something other than arthritis?

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if the pain is in your groin and radiates down to the knee it's probably arthritis. if it's in the side it could be trochanteric bursitis or IT band inflammation, or maybe piriformes syndrome. if it's in the rear and radiates down the back of the leg, it could be sciatic pain or pain from a  pinched nerve in the back.

have you had xrays? or seen anyone for it? you could try NSAIDs and PT to see if that helps. if it's arthritis you may be limited to NSAIDs, injections, or maybe even surgery,depending on how bad it is.

I would see your doctor and ask to be xrayed.
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It sounds like it could be muscular.  Maybe your IT band?  Have you tried doing stretches?  
Reviews I have read on glucsamine and joint juice are mixed.  Some swear by it.
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