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I am out of options

I was in a major car accident in 2006 which left me in ICU for five days.  After being discharged from the hospital I went to home just to end up back in the hospital 2 days later with major swelling in my coller bone area.  The hospital forgot to tell me that my coller bone was broken and I needed to stay off of it.  They put me in a sling and sent me on my way.  It has been almost 3 years since my accident and last year I started having pains in my collar bone and burning in my left shoulder blade and stiffness in my back.  My range of motion with my left arm decreases almost daily and it is painful to use my left arm.  I went to the general surgeon and he said there was nothing he could do for me that I have had a very tramatic injury to my shoulder and that was all he could tell me.  I have been refered to a Pain Doctor and I am on felexarl 3 times a day and Indomethacin 3 times a day and the pain stiffness and sourness is still there.  I have asked them if it might not be my collar bone if it might be something with my neck but they just give me the crazy eye.  I am out of options and since I am in the military and they say there is nothing they can do and that nothing they see is wrong I am well on my way to getting in trouple for seeking medical help.  They think I am lying but i know the pain I feel is reall.  Does any one have any advice?
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Collar bone is referred as clavicle and simple non displaced clavicle fractures heal without any assistance. The reason for surgeons not attempting repair for minor fractures is because of the large amount of important structures located in the neck. Collar bone will heal with a sling and restricted movements.

After the car accident ample rest and restricted movements would have healed your collar bone. After 3 years the pain may not be related to the previous accident as you did not have any pain in between. It is worthwhile to go for an X-ray initially to rule out any problem with the clavicle.

I suggest you to take a complete review about your back/spine, expert orthopedic examination and MRI reports are required here and you also have to find out any spine problems which may be related to referred pain elsewhere.
Also I would suggest you to review your shoulder for arthritis, any injury to any ligaments and also recollect if you had any injuries, falls and your detailed history of your military training/injuries of the past years will be very helpful.
Also ask the Orthopedician for reviewing thoracic outlet syndrome.

You can take some intermittent anti inflammatory drugs and after diagnosis go for a proper course of treatment.

Take care!
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A friend who is ex-military had persistent pain in this shoulder. He had injured it parachuting. I suggested he might have arthritis. He started to take Arthro 7 plus MSM, as well as vitamin B5. Although he had this problem for years, he is now pain free and can use his shoulder normally. For some reason arthritis is often not diagnosed. My husband was told he had tendonitis (wrong), bursitis (wrong) and finally treated himself for arthritis with the natural remedies that traditional medicine (after much kicking and screaming) is starting to adopt.  Guess what? He is fine! But if he goes off the the supplements for a couple of months the symptoms begin to return.
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I have had pain for months.  Nodules on fingers but blood tests show no inflammation.  Pain in my hip will come and go when walking.  Hurts to the point that I limp.  Fingers had constant pain as well as my neck.  Recent blood tests also showed Vitamin D defeciency.  I am confused how both of my parents have arthritis (badly) I am showing all the symptoms of arthritis ( very miserable most days) but tests for inflammation are negative.  Is there something else to check for so that I am not so tired and in pain everyday? I get migraines, I have Crohns and I am so tired almost everyday that I feel woozy.  My doctor thought I had Lupus at first, ANA and RA came back Positive a few years ago for systemic auto immune, but now they are saying it is negative and just blurted out fibromyagia without any further testing or curiousity.  The pain is getting worse and I am almost reluctant to go to the doctor again because she really acts like she either doesn't care or doesn't believe me.  Where in Colorado Springs can I go and find caring doctors who want to know whats wrong and help relieve their patients pain?  Now I see why people order medication online...I know something is wrong.  Its not kind of wrong, its really wrong and its been wrong for awhile.  All I know, and have been diagnosed with is small vessel damage and lesions on brain MRI, Vitamin D Deficiency, nodule on finger, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Migraine, hypertensive retinopathy, Positive ANA ( from previous tests) Crohns Disease or IBS ( thats another one that changed) I have photos showing the damage from years ago, now they dont see it but the symptoms havent gone away.  HELP HELP HELP!!!  I have an appointment on 10/22 and feel like I want to go there and yell and throw things to get my point across.  What can I do to be really cared for medically?

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