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I'm sure I'm too young

both my knees' on separate occasions (mostly) have a weird feel about them, and start to go red and hot at the joint it feels like something has slipped in my knee and it's pushing on the wrong part or something,  After a while the inflammation and redness settles down, and my knee feels fine again, I'm only 14- why is this I'm confused as to what this could be and as far as I see it could be arthritis but I have no Idea, I've yet to consult a doctor- not thinking it a problem, but my family has a history of arthritis (my mother has very bad osteoarthritis in her hands) so I decided to be wary and look into some answers here, I may not seem it but I'm really worried, so could someone please put my fears to rest- or confirm my fears, just something solid, contact me if you need any other info, I'm sporadically available, but keep trying! (how long has this been going on- maybe a year- and a bit (6 months)I guess)
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You do need to see a doctor.  You may have juvenile arthritis and it is important that it be treated as early as possible.
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Trudie is right, you are not to young for rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disorder. This is different from osteo-arthritis, which is associated with older people.

I've had RA since age 5 and I've seen children as young as six months old with it. Please tell your parents you want to be examined by a pediatric rheumatologist; they will take care of contacting your regular doctor and getting a referral. The earlier you are treated, the better. Good luck!
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