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Is Gout an Autoimmune disease?

Just wondering if Gout is in the autoimmune family??  And, does it mimic any other joint pain and swelling disorders??
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That is an excellent question!  Gout is not an autoimmune condition.  It is caused by the bodies inability to process uric acid.  These crystals build up in joints and cause extreme pain.  
Autoimmune conditions are caused by the immune system going haywire and attacking itself.
Gout can sometimes be misdiagnosed as RA, bursitis, osteoarthritis and reactive arthritis among others.
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Thanks, I knew you would know!!  Still waiting for my appt w/Rheumy...seeing another Endo Wednesday...still lots of questions unanswered, but, time is passing quickly, won't be long now...hope you're doing good!!  ;)
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I am glad I did not let you down!  Sometimes I get stumped.  I am doing well.  Hope you got some answers yesterday.  Every little bit of progress counts.  Things are ok here.  Busier than is probably good for my health, but I will rest next weekend.  
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