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Is it Arthritis, MS, something else, or am I just a hypochondriac?

I'm having multiple symptoms that may or may not be related.  Any ideas would be helpful.  Can't seem to get someone to look at everything.  Diagnosed with gastroparesis (not diabetic); have blurred vision (intermittant and both eyes); horrible left side headaches with loss of sensation on left side face and left eye pain (no redness in eye and no history of migraines previously); TMD; tinnitus that has recently increased dramatically; GERD; painful swollen joints (hands, shoulders, ankles, feet, knees,  and especially cervical neck); IBS; Intersital Cystitis; insomnia; and frequent muscle cramps, including spasms in the neck/shoulder area that lock my neck at an angle, pull my shoulder back and are extremely painful.  Seeing a neurologist for headaches.  he has me on cymbalta; it worked for 2 months and now the headaches/eye pain/numbness is back.  seeing a gastro guy for stomach stuff, he has me on Nexium for gastroparesis.  Any ideas what might be causes all or most of the symptoms?  Most doctors seem to focus on one symptom and don't look at whole.
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Have you had any one run an autoimmune series on you?  If not, I think you should.  This sounds very familiar to how my story began.  Not that you will be like me, many conditions have similar symptoms sets, but I did end up having several AI conditions going on at once.  I can really relate to the symptoms you describe and am so sorry to read you are going through this.  It is frustrating, but you are doing the right thing.  Keep going to the doctors and keep trying to get them to look at the "big picture".  You may find you need to see a rheumatologist.  The diagnosis process can take a while.  Some get answers almost immediately, but for many of us it takes a year or years.  Being your own advocate can speed up the process.  
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Yes, I had bloodwork run a few years back.  Sed Rate normal, R Factor negative, ANA negative, BL27 negative....  always negative, but all the symptoms...
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My youngest daughter went to Mayo Clinic - they take a team approach and look at everything; all of the doctors on the team that reviews your case communicate with each other. She was very impressed. If that is an option for you you might give them a try. I have severe Arthritis and it is all over me - which causes all sorts or issues and problems. Then again, some of your issues might not be related to Arthritis. txsilver gave you good advice - keep after them until you are satisfied they have found the cause. It could be something serious. Good luck.
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It is possible to have all your lab works come back negative and still have a condition.  Seronegative RA, for example.  Keep going and, if you can get to the Mayo clinic, many people rave about it.  If not,  I strongly suggest contacting a local support group and finding out who their members recommend.  Patient recommendations have made a big difference for me and many other patients I have talked to.  Please keep us posted.  We will be here to listen and help where we can.
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thanks for the replies, my primary care doctor just referred me to a reumy guy out of town, he's supposed to be great.  hopefully, he'll be able to help.
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I hope he is great!  Please keep us posted!
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