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What does this mean
Osseous structures: Subchondral r-derna is prominent on the acetabular side of the left hip, particularly
laterally (). Compared to the right side, the left femoral head
appears flattened and shows no other features of avascular necrosis,
Hip Effusion: Moderate left hip efft slon is present.
Soft Tissues: Normal. No evldencr: of muscle or tendon injury about the hip, Limited evaluation of
intrapelvic soft tissues is normal. No abnormal fluid in the trochanteric bursa to suggest bursitis,
Advanced osteoarthritis of the lef~ hip is of uncertain etiology, but likely associated with bone on bone
apposition, resorptive reformation, and complete maceration of the anterosuperior and superior aspects
of the labrum.
Intrepreting Radiologist
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For a complete explanation, you will need a radiologist or doctor.  All that is clear to me is that you do not have a soft tissue injury and there is arthritis in your left hip.  When do you see your doctor again?
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