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Joint pain, finger swellings

Hi i'm a 38 year old female experiencing a few problems at the moment, i constantly wake up in the middle of the night with numb hands, my fingers swell often, i have developed a hard lump on my wrist joint, which has been there about a year, was aching but stopped now, and my wrists in particular as well as other joints ache and feel weak, am i suffering from RA?, i had an aunt with this condition so am concerned as know how debilitating it can be, my work is in administration, mostly typing so could it be caused by this?
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I had the same thing!  My doctor gave me PENNSAID to rub on, it helped a lot!  It's an anti inflammatory that absorbs into the joint, but of course as it is topical it doesn't hurt your stomach as much as oral drugs.  You must protect your hands and joints and wrists.  
Research proper typing techniques, how your desk should be set up and so on.  Take lots of breaks.  Using your hands does take its toll.  I was a teacher of the deaf and had to stop.... my hands and arms were destroyed from signing, and also from the computer.
Ice helps too.
Your doctor can determine if you have osteo or RA with a blood test, and by looking at your hands.  
Good luck.
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I shall have to make an appointment with my doctor i think even though i hate the place, but nice to speak to others out there, helps you tell yourself to see about this and stop putting it off.

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