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Joint pain and Ganglion Cysts on hand and foot

I'm hoping I can get the answers I need here.  About 4 yrs ago, I had a ganglion cyst removed from the palm of my right hand at the base of my ring finger.  A few years ago, I found another one on the right hand on the middle finger in the middle joint.  Doesn't bother me so I left it alone.  Then about a year ago I got a lump on the top of my left foot that turned out to be ganglion also.  Had it removed in Oct.  Two months later another one appeared a little further up on the top of my foot.  Had it drained and steroid injected.  Three months later the same thing happened, but it was a bit bigger.  Had it drained, no steroid.  The next day it came back, but bigger than ever.  Had it removed three weeks ago.  It was sent to pathology and was just ganglion.  Now I have another one below where the other two were, but on the side of my foot.  My podiatrist thinks maybe there is something causing all these cysts, but doesn't know what.  I have had xrays, but not an MRI.  I also have had slight arthritis in my left elbow, hip and knee for about 20 years and now also have pain and stiffness in my ankles and both hips when sitting for awhile then getting back up to walk.  I am 41 years old about 55 lbs overweight, don't know if all this is related or not, but thought I should include it just in case.  Thanks. I am hoping someone might have some ideas?  Please help, I'm tired of surgery and pain. Thanks.
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Hello Funnyfarm,

As you know a ganglion cyst is a tumor or swelling on top of a joint or the covering of a tendon (tissue that connects muscle to bone). It looks like a sac of liquid (cyst).

There seems to be no real reason why some ppl are more prone to develop these and others are not. They are more of a nuisance than anything. They do not present any danger to your health.

I do not have ganglion cysts but I do have numerous cysts on various internal organs and external areas. When I once saw a physician (in my PCP absence) he expressed concern over the number of cysts I have. He asked me if I had ever been tested for XXX. I don't remember the term he used. My PCP said I should not be concerned. So I know there is a condition that causes your body to produce cysts but I was told it is harmless unless they develop in your brain. You might want to ask about this possibility. I have not heard of an associated with ganglion cysts but there are many things I have not heard of..

I imagine this is very annoying for you. In all my research and experience I have never heard of a ganglion cyst being anything more than bothersome. I doubt your weight has much to do with the formation of the cysts but again I am not an expert.

As you know draining the cysts does not remove them. It is common and makes sense that they will reoccur until the actual sac is removed.

My heart goes out to you and I wish I had better answers for you. Hopefully a member will be able to offer you more or better information.

Good luck to you.

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Hello funnyfarm
I my self don't have these cyst but I have several
Friends that do and they are bothersome one of my
Friends had hers removed it was on top of her wrist it has
Not returned I know from my research I have heard that they
Were called bible belt cyst and that the old time doctors would
Smash their patients hand with the big bible and it would pop I

I'm thinking ouch on that it can't be good .I have heard that eating celery
Cured boils and kept them away so maybe eating iron rich food
Would help.
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