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Joint pain for two months consistently

I have been having consistent joint pain, stiffness, and cracking in all of my joints for almost two months now. I have had to stop working my retain job due to the pain in every last joint of my body. My primary doctor has tested me for nearly everything. My blood tests came back negative for rheumatoid and lupus. I have noticed that my husband is experiencing similar symptoms to mine.I was also doing yoga, which I had to stop due to the pain associated with stretching. I would experience swelling, warmth and stiffness.I have been tested for Std's but the doctors have been unable to find anything. Is there anything else I should consider.Could it be bacteria or a parasite or maybe something that we have eaten?
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First let me tell you how happy I am that you have found us here on the Arthritis Community.  :)

I'm so VERY sorry for what you are going thru with your joint pain.  You definitely need to go back to your Doctor and keep having him/her continue testing until they get an answer.  If he feels there are no other tests he/she can run them it's time to move on to another Doctor for a second opinion!  Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP!!!  You deserve answers AND you NEED answers!  You might also check with a Rheumatologist if you haven't already.  

There's one more thing I would recommend and that is that you re-post this on the PM (Pain Management) Forum.  Over there you will get an entirely different point of view.  I'll be looking for your post over there.

I wish you the best and hope we'll be able to help you with your pain problems.    
                                              ..........       Sherry    :)

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