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Knee Replacement

I had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the left knee and beginning in the right knee four years ago.  I was told that I was bone on bone in the left knee. Since I was only 50 years old the doctor said that I was too young for surgery.  Four years later, 1 less thyroid, additional weight, I have been told I am too fat and I need to get my BMI down before they would consider.  I was told of all these complication yet I know people at lot heavier than me that had it done and the weight was never considered.  Please see some opinions or experience reference here.  Thanks.
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Hi --- I wanted to mention that I also was able to reply to your older post about the DeQuervaine's syndrome ? you had back in November.  My daughter had it 2X .... sorry on this ? .. don't have much knowledge.

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I am sorry that you are hurting and that you are having trouble getting the surgery that I glean you want to have.  I don't have any personal experience to share with you but I do know that doctors vary in their approaches and criteria.  If you know people who have had this surgery, have you asked them who their doctor was and tried to see them?  
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