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Long standing Joint Pains


When I was 16 one of my knee started to pain. It slowly developed to rest of the joints. Now I'm 33 and almost
all of my joints (not at once) are aching. I have taken all types of treatment for myself. Tried western, ayurvedic
treatment also acupuncture. But none has cured me.

So many times I have gone for blood test almost all of the time those are normal. Evan the Rheumatic Factor.I've
also done a MRI on my knee which was also normal. Till now I've never been diagnosed what causes the problem. I've stopped going to doctors for more than 3 years because the didn't find a cure for me.

The reason I've tried here is since the whole body is aching a lot now than earlier I wanted to discuss this matter
with knowledgeable people so that I can find a solution for this. The worst part is I'm not able to do any exercises
because the body or few areas starts to pain.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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Some autoimmune arthritis issues can take a long time to show up in your blood so having a good work up by a rheumatologist is the best way to try and get a diagnosis.  He is best trained to diagnose and treat it.  You may also have fibromyalgia and he can check your tender points and handle that area too.  I hope you can find some relief.  Let us know how it goes.
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