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MRI - Hip Pain

39yrs old and have had intermittent right hip pain for about 20yrs after giving birth at age 19; the pain recently became constant.  Syptoms are constant pain in right hip from front to back, minimal range of motion, both legs numb and tingling from knee down and it feels like there is no circulation in my legs; pain increases with any activity. Constant feeling of pressure in low back region of the hip area, feels like hip is slightly dislocated all the time.  I feel like I lean to the right and cannot walk without limping.  MRI of hip shows benign appearing single cyst about 8mm in size of the the femoral head, no evidence of labral tear, fracture and no specific findings of avascular nevrosis, recommend bone scan.  Wondering what the cause of the cyst might be and could it have been there for years without detection? What can be done to relieve the pain?  
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Hi there!

The cause of a bone cyst is not definitely known, a few that have been implicated include osteolysis, trauma, vascular issues etc. Management would primarily depend on the size and he location of the cyst; and may be medical or surgical. It is best advised to discuss the situation and the management plan in detail with our orthopedician.
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I to am 39 yrs and go in for my mri, next week. I to have right side hip pain. And yes my legs go numb to. More pain so when sitting, if I strech to left it feels like a rubber band that is about to break. My xrays showed nothing. And sitting makes it worse. What ever happen with you?
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