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MRI REPORT questions.

Thank you to Dr. Kaul, for the last reponse while waiting for the MRI of my left hip because of pain and abnormal X-ray. I just got the report from MRI, and I think I understand part of it, but not all. Basically this is what it says.

Findings. femoral head articulates appropriatly with the acetabulum. The region of luceny seen n superior aspect of femoral head is due to some reactive subcortical sclerosis. There is articular cartilage thinning in this location but no focal osteochondral defect. No evidence of avascular necrosis. There is also some irregularity of the supeerior fibrous labrum and some articular cartiildge thinning in the superior aspect of the acetabulum. Trace amount of joint fluid is noted. Instrinsic and extrinsic ligaments are intact. The flexor and extensor muscle compartments appear normal for pt this age. No suspicious masses noted. No inguinal hernia, no lmphadenopathy is detected.
Impression. Articular cartilage thinning with subcortical reactive sclerosis in the femoral head is what causes the appearance on the X-ray. There is some degeneration of the fibrous labrum and some osteoarthritic changes but there is no evidence of avascular necrosis or an acture tear of fibrous labrum.

Ok, I understand some mild osteroarthritis or changes, but what is the rest and what is causing the hip pain for over a year now? I also have DDD for more than 12 years in my back that I am on Methadone for since 2004, but it does not help with the left sided hip pain at all. Is this just arthritis in my hip or something else to watch out for,. Thanks in advance.                              fluffypurrcat
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basically osteoarthritis is diagnosed by xrays because they show joint space narrowing, subchondral slerosis, osteophytes, and 1 other thing. u can also get muscle wasting.  so they are saying you have mild osteoarthritis. fluid around the joint may indicate inflammation.
in terms of hip pain, severity on xrays etc often dont correlate to symptoms. maybe you should see about getting a hip steroid injection for the pain?
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Had a MRI done and came back unremarkable  wow come on  then they said seen trace amount of joint fluid seen this don' sound are feel normal to me ... I need a better radiologist...
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