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New here w arthritis in facet joints

I was just diagnosed w arthritis of the facet joints of my cervical discs 1-4 after 2 yrs of seeing neurologists and neurosurgeons for chronic headaches and migraines.   I was actually considering surgery for chiari malformation before my diagnosis, so, while it is a relief in a sense, I am also unsure as to what is ahead for me.  I'm only 42, and I know that arthritis is a degenerative disease; what are my long-term options?  I've just started a short run of steroids and it's too soon to tell if they are helping, but is steroids for 40 years a viable solution for a disease that is going to get progressively worse?  Any help from anyone who knows anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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In my experience, the best treatment for facet syndrome (spondylosis) is a procedure called medial branch neurolysis, commonly known as RF ablation of the medial branch nerve.

Seek a doctor who is board certified in interventional pain management. This is an advanced practice of anesthesiology.
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For your facet joints, radiofrequency neurotomy could be your option for prolonged relief. You should always remember that a combination of a change in lifestyle, medication, and proper exercise and posture will help you to reduce the possibility of having Facet Joint syndrome. You may also wear a magnetic bracelet while taking your medications.
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