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Pain/Stiffness upon moving

I am a 45 year old, active, fit woman (though I could stand to lose some weight). I do yoga and ride about 8 miles a day on a recumbent bike (30 minutes)  In the past five years, I have been dealing with a lot of pain from the waist down whenever I go from being stationary to moving.  When I get up from a chair, my stationary bike, the car, you would think you were looking at an elderly person.  I can barely move from the pain--stabbing pain in both feet, pain in most joints (though my knees are ok) in my legs, and now, severe pain in my left hip.  It eventually goes away as long as I keep moving. I don't smoke or anything like that.  I've mentioned this to my GP and she just says this can be typical for my age.  But I work with people my age and they don't look like 85 year olds when they first start moving.  In fact, my 85 year old mother in law looks less stiff when she gets up.  My husband who's 50 and a serious runner, sometimes is a little stiff when he first rises, but nothing like what I am. There is arthritis in my family, a great aunt whose life was actually very limited by it.  Is this really normal for my age?  Should I see a specialist?  If so, who?  Is there something else I could be doing to try to alleviate this.  I can't imagine what I'll be like when I am 85 or even ten years from now.  Any suggestions would be appreciated
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Hi,the problem is in your mind. You are perfectly with day to day life doing exercises and all sorts of movement activities but still you getting pain in the joints and stiffness means some sort of issues are there with the joints. You better consult a doctor and take the pain relievers before the pain increases.
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Thanks for the suggestion!
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.Hope you are feeling better.
I have suffered from joint stiffness for years and they have steadily got worse as I have got older.  I do have osteoarthritis in most joints.
And after sitting for some time I cannot get up.  Getting out of bed is bad too.  

You are exercising which is good.  No doubt you give yourself a rest day, as too much can overwork the musles and this can make you feel stiff too.

The only way you will find out if you have arthritis is by either blood tests (for autoimune arthritis - rheumatoid) or by xrays.

I do find though that as I am moving about the joints do loosen up.  

I do not agree with your doctor that this is normal for your age.  They seem to fob us off with either "it's your age" or "you need to lose weight."

Some people take cod liver oil or other supplements to keep the joints supple and lubricated.  If you go for a supplement, you may try a few before you find the one that suits you.

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You may have arthritis, or some bulging in the spine that is pinching on the nerves.
I have osteoarthritis in the lower spine as well as the hips and knee (and other places). An MRI scan showed progressive degenerative disease (osteoarthritis) as an annual bulge.   I get a lot of pain all down my legs and doctor says this is referred pain from the back.  Sometimes the pains are tolerable.  Over Christmas my back completely went even though I had been taking Codipar and Ibobrufen for my leg pains and had to get some Diazepam to help relax the musles to relieve the severe pain.

I suffer from pins and needles in the feet too, sometimes worse than other times.  Again I was told that this is referred pain.  I was also diagonised many years ago by a consultant as having peripheral nerve damage and he said "control your diabetes" - I am not diabetic, but am glucose intolerant.

I was also diagnosed with a condition called meralgia parasthetica. This is pressure on the nerve in the groin area and this causes pain, numbness and pins and needles running on the outside of the thigh.  Remedy - lose weight I was told.

I find that swimming is a good form of exercise.  But if you are experiencing a severe bout of pain, then you need to rest.  
My doctor has told me that I will experience severe phases and then it will settle and flare up again.

Oh, the joys of getting old!

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Hi steph,

My symptoms r almost identical to yours.  Mine started at age 48, i am now 52.  I have severe osteoarthritis in my spine.  I will be having surgery on my back.  The arthritis has caused stenosis and scoliosis.  They r doing a fusion and a laminectomy to relieve pressure in my spinal column.  It is causes pain in my legs, pins and needles in legs and feet, numbness in right foot and stiffness in my joints.  I also have pain in my hips.  Ask your doc to refer you to a neurosurgon and or a orthopedic surgeon.  That will start the process.  U need x rays and a lumbar mri.  These tests can point out where u r having problems.
Goood luck, and do not take no for an answer, patients need to be part of their own health care.  You will find that there r a lot of doctors that will not take the time that is needed.  Be persistant and research your symptoms or diagnonis.  The more u know, the better your outcome.
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