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Pain in ankles and lower legs

First off thanks for this site its GREAT. My pain is always there my feet hurt and as the day goes, the pain moves up to my ankles and lower legs. My wife always tell me go take some Advil, well that does nothing, I've tried all of the over the counter stuff, Iam seeing a Footdoctor Next Tuesday, because thats where it starts at the pain. Iam telling you the pain gets so bad at night, I could cry, and never get wink of sleep, untill i started breaking a Vicodine in half, That my Faimly Doctor prescibed last month. Iam really worried that if i dont get something done, Iam going to become dependent on these durgs. I just wish that they could stop the pain? I have noticed that my skin on my feet, are so dry and the skin you can peal it off. I put lotion on the after a bath and it does nothing. I know you there are alot of possiblity but what are your thoughts( PLEASE)
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A foot Dr. is probably your best choice. He can tell by a foot  x-ray what it usually is.Mine was heel spurs. Which initially they made me orthotic inserts for my shoes, because the surgery at that time was very invasive. Later they found that cutting some of the ligaments on the heel would releave the strain . The surgery was done with a lapriscope and 1 quarter inch on each side of the heal it was very simple and I was able to walk right out with no problemes. Now its the other heal and my Dr. has retired. Still looking. Hope your foot problem is that simple. (heel spurs are a form of arthritis).
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I had dry skin problems on my feet from certain medications and low thyroid.  After I added Omega Fish oils and Vitamin E, the problem improved greatly.  I still have problems with my fingertips at times and notice it more when I've stopped my supplements or forget to take several days in a row.  Hope your doctor could help with the pain. Good luck!
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