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Pain in the legs. NEED HELP!!!

My gf always feels pain in her legs when she feels too cold or during the rainy seasons. According to her, she said that it's pain in the bones. I've checked through the internet and it wasn't much of help. But it says can be rheumatism. Can anyone provide any information about problem like this?
Btw, she's only 17. Isn't it too young to have that? PLEASE, i need help. I don't know what to do about it and how can I help her. I would appreciate your help. =)
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How kind of you to research this for your girlfriend.  She is lucky to have you.
Is the pain in her joints?  Does she experience any swelling or sensations of heat in those areas?  Does she have any other symptoms?  Rheumatism is a general name for a number of conditions.  Some of these conditions start in childhood and others usually surface much later in life.  Has she talked to her doctor about this pain?  If not, she certainly should do so.
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There's no swelling. She's had this problem at a very young age. According to other people, it is said to be caused by bathing during late at night or sth like that.
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I personally have never head of a rhuematological condition caused by swimming late at night but would be interested if it was true. wouldn't that be something??
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Even stranger is that he said "bathing" late at night!  That sounds like an old wives tale to me.  I can remember having horrible pains in my legs when I was very young and now have Osteo and possibly Rheumatoid too...my doctor back then told my Mom it was growing pains...I must still be growing!! LOL

Hello TX, your replies are so kind and compassionate, so refreshing!!  ;) j
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I also have awful pain in my joint/bones when it is going to rain. I used to have this as child and teenager. It has recently came back. Anyone know what this could be?
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If these pains are truly awful, a doctor should be consulted.  There are many possible causes for these pains and only tests and an examination will identify what is happening.  
cmy_zhu, bathing late at night will not give you arthritis or cause pains.  Osteoarthritis develops at sites of previous injuries or due to the aging process.  Autoimmune forms of arthritis are caused when the immune system gets confused and starts to attack healthy tissue.  I do wish that it was caused by something as simple to avoid as bathing late at night, because then we could all avoid it.  Sometimes no matter what we do or deserve, these things just happen.  I hope you will learn that your girlfriend does not have arthritis and that something can help her pain.  
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