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Pain on one side of body

I have had joint pain and achiness on the left side of my body.  My left hip is very achy and it moves down my leg into my knees and ankle.  My left shoulder is very weak and I was undergoing PT for a problematic left shoulder a while ago.  My left eye twitches.  My left armpit is sore to the touch and I have dry patches on my left thumb.  I have TMJ as well.

When I wake up in the morning, it feels as though I have been beaten with a bat for the past 6 hours.  This hurts on both sides of my lower/middle back.

I have also had lower back problems that have been undiagnosed for over 20 years.  UGH!  

My doctor thought I may have some type of autoimmune disorder that has not completely presented itself yet.  

Of course, there are other symptoms that seem more minor (low blood sugar, GERD, bloating, constipation, feeling of not being stretched out regardless how much I stretch, heel spurs,, heart palpatations and more I'm sure) but I don't know if they relate to anything.  

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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Are you seeing a rheumatologist?  If not, I think you should get in to see one.  While some of what you describes sounds more like OA (pain in joints on one side is usually osteoarthritis) but with your other symptoms and the widespread pain on one side of your body, this is definitely worthy of investigation.
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evry thing you  have described is me - but mine is on both sides of my body - i have OA on my left hand (but am right handed) i have restless leg syndrome  and nuropothy in my legs -i alse have degenerative diese in my lower back pluse artheritis  plus have bone to bone in my back - i know the feeling of wannting to  stretch if i could stretch my legs a mile they would feel better - i take lyrica for that - the pain is so bad at times i have to take the pain pills (vicodine) dont want to get hooked but once a day i do take it - i am in physacal theropy right now doesnt seem to work and dont see doc till next week -i have had one shot in my back -the one thing i dont like is my doctor sent me to a pain management doctor - he is trying but just isnt working - i hope u find the help you need

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