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Paralysis after Cortisone injection in hip

I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip.  The treatment suggestion was to get a Cortisone injection and follow up with physical therapy.  Yesterday I had my first injection.  It was quite painful even with numbing the injection point with Lidocaine first.  It was over rather quick but I could not stand on that leg when leaving the office.  I needed a wheel chair to get to my car.  The office staff waved me off without any warnings or concern.  

By the time I got to my daughter's house (I felt I couldn't climb the stairs to my home) a half hour later, I opened the car door - stepped out and went straight down on the street.  I had absolutely NO feeling in my entire left leg!  My daughter and a passing UPS driver helped into the house.  I assumed this was normal and waited for sensation to return.  After 3 hours of no change I called the Dr.  He told me that he added Lidocaine with the Cortisone directly into the joint because he saw that I was in so much pain. He said it would be better in another 2-3 hours. He was more concerned that in the fall I may have broken something !

3 hours later I could still not walk but the feeling was coming back. I went to bed with Tylenol and awoke feeling fine.  I have no residual numbness or pain.  
The Dr. called me this morning to see how I was doing.  He said this had never happened to him before and he believes he may have hit my Femoral bone/nerve?  He asked if I'd like an x-ray and I declined.  

I just wanted to post this because when I went looking around the net I found nothing similar to this paralysis.  Anyone out there have a similar experience?  
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