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Positive ANA, Speckled Pattern, Hypothyroid, Knee pain, is it lupus?

This past January I had gone to my doctor for knee pain, swelling and giving out in my right knee. I had assumed that I tore my meniscus. Something I was suggested by an athletic trainer. My doctor suspected the same, except my X-ray and MRI were perfectly normal. Slight swelling during the physical check up, but nothing else out of the ordinary.

I also got my physical prior to returning back to college and we found my TSH was alarmingly high. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid with the assumption it was Hashimoto's causing it (according to my primary care).

Mid March I had this major swelling in my knee, where it swelled to the size of a softball and I was in a lot of pain. No amount of NSAIDs and Tylenol would help with the swelling/pain. I decided to go back to my doctor in fear I had developed RA on top of my Hashimoto's. (it has since gone down, and come and gone periodically)

My doctor was concerned by this and gave me another physical exam and blood work for Lyme, RA and ANA. All came back negative except my ANA which had a speckled pattern and 1:320 dilution. My Cardiac-CRP was also high (11.9, normal range being 0-7.9). At this point my TSH has been regulated and I am taking 25mcg Levothyroxine daily. I was refereed to a Rheumatologist because of the knee pain and ANA test.

I do have pretty sensitive skin, I rash pretty easy to irritants but not sunlight (things like my dogs fur occasionally when I am home from college, heat rashes on my neck but not my face, as well as some metals will cause rashes). I normally just turn a little red in the sun and it fades. There is a small scaly patch on my right arm that gets itchy and red that I have had for about a month and cant get rid of with lotions.

I do have extreme fatigue, get sick often and have had chronic headaches and wheezing fits that were random and unexplained. I also have a really hard time with constipation where it takes me 6 days to go if I don't take high dose probiotics.

However I never grew concern because I assumed it was Hashimoto's. This ANA test has me nervous. I am noticing past history like getting rashes on my neck every summer (I always assumed it was a heat rash) and being severely allergic to bug bites where they become welts and pollen/dust where I get incapacitated in the spring/fall and have gained resistance to most allergy medications from overuse. However, I am also open to the fact that I could be worrying about nothing.

Does anyone with lupus, or have any knowledge think it is extremely likely I have lupus? I have an appointment with the rheumatologist in May, but it is so far away and I want to be proactive in avoiding another flare, or keeping one under control. I am also a bit of a hypochondriac so if someone can validate me or not would be greatly appreciated.
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