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Post Parathyroid Surgery - PTH 95

I am almost two months post Parathyroid surgery. I had a 2.1cm adenoma removed. Pre-surgery my PTH was 198 and immediately following the surgery my PTH dropped to 48. I just had a checkup with my Endocrinologist to check all levels. My calcium was good at 9.9, but my PTH was back up at 95. I am having my levels checked again in 3 months. Does anyone know why my PTH would be elevated so soon after having a normal reading of 48?

I suffered for so long before the Parathyroid adenoma was discovered and I do feel better since the surgery, but I am so scared of going back to the way I was feeling. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Dr. Kaul - Thank you so much for your reply. Your explaination makes me feel better. I've made an appointment to have my levels checked again in 3 months. Thank you again.
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Hi there!

The release of the hormone occurs with feedback mechanism from blood calcium levels. After the surgery the hormone levels dropped and so did the calcium levels; as a result this signaled the gland to release increased hormone levels to normalize the serum calcium. Values of 95 pg/ml are slightly on the higher side and may need to be followed regularly/ serially till they normalize. Consistent increased valued may suggest an issue with the gland such as residual or redevelopment of an adenoma etc. I would suggest consulting your endocrinologist for a follow-up evaluation
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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