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RA? Osteo?

I have been having achesin my joints for the past two years that have gotten worse. I first noticed this when I changed my thyroid medication.   I was feeling tired prior to this and thought maybe changing my thyroid medicine would help. My doctor prescribed tirosint and put me in a state of hyper thyroidism. We switch back to Synthroid. And my TSH was below 1.   My free T3 and free T4 showed more of a normal to hypo range.  II have the aches and my knees hips and one of my ankles in addition sometimes my neck and shoulder hurt. I am a 47-year-old woman and have been on avid weightlifter and runner all my life.  I have extreme stiffness in the morning and I seem to respond to exercise. If I get going I feel better but sometimes pay for it at the end of the day.  I have no pain in my finger joints and blood tests have not shown any elevated blood levels in inflammatory markers. Could this be osteoarthritis? Or Ra?  I have been taking anti-inflammatories and I seem to respond well. In other words it takes away any pain.  I am planning on seeing a rheumatologist soon. Please advise! Thank you!
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Seeing a rheumy is a good idea, what you describe sounds so familar. I was an extremely active weightlifter and hockey player but then things started slowly going downhill much like in your case. Turns out that I do have several very advanced AI diseases. Not saying that you have AI but your rheumy will help sort it out. Keep in mind that these issues can be very hard to pin down sometimes.
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I just got blood results back ANA was positive, sed rate is 14 and titer I 1:80. Lupus?  I am having a tough time getting in to see a rheum. Do these numbers with the symptoms suggest lupus or could it be something else. They didn't tell me the pattern.   Also, my only symptom now is my right ankle is painfully swollen. It is killing me!  I am waiting on X-rays. Oddly, all my symptoms have been on the left side of my body. Any suggestions?
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One thing about an AI osteo disease is that it will typically be symetrical. If you're not seeing this, then there maybe another source to your issues. Still, going to a good rheumy is the right move.
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I just found out I have a medial malleolus fracture!  My titer is homogenous. My guess is this is lupus.  My gp wants to put me on low dose prednisone for 2 weeks. Worried that this may lead to another fracture. Any thoughts?  Have you ever been on prednisone?
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That would definitely hurt! Did you do anything acutely that may have caused it? If not, then you might want to have your doctors do a bone density test.

I'm a bit over 50 and male but I have osteoporosis with a great deal of bone degeneration throughout my body. Again, a complete surprise to me considering my exercise/activity levels throughout the years. But this is due to the extended, chronic nature of my AI diseases.

And yes, prednisone works very well but I can't use it for a variety of reason, one being that it can further reduce your bone density. Mine is already bad enough as it is. But when I do use it, the pain relief is almost immediate - within a day or so and I notice it. Sure wish I could  include it in my daily treatment but oh well. So, for you, a trail period makes a lot of sense.
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Ok,  I went to an orthopedic and he looked at my X-rays and said my ankle isn't broken!  That it looks healthy!  I was floored!  Today, The swelling has gone down ,but it's still sore.  I have a question.  With lupus do you have bilateral swelling? My knees do swell around my period, but I always attribute this to my meniscal tears. I have never hurt my ankles. The swelling was only on the one ankle. I can't figure out these strange symptoms.  The main problem is I have a relatively active day and it feels like I worked out really hard! And the soreness and joint pain is in the muscles that I used a lot as a runner. The hips and knees are mainly the ones affected.  Although in the past I had a stiff shoulder that radiated pain into my neck. It felt like what I would think meningitis would feel like!  It resolved itself after about 6 months. Strange symptoms. I am having a complete Ana panel done. Any ideas?
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