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Rheumatic fever

About six months ago I began to develop pain and swelling in my toes and feet. It slowly worsened to the point where I had difficulty walking, and the pain began to migrate around to different joints as well.

My doctor sent me for a round of tests and the conclusion was that I had rheumatic fever. The blood tests showed inflammation and presence of strep bacteria. (C reactive protein=12, Antistreptolysin=400)

I was given Piroxicam to deal with the inflammation and a round of antibiotics. (I don't remember offhand what the first antibiotics were, but they were oral.) I went back in after a month or so to have the tests redone. My symptoms were no better, and it turned out that the antiestreptolycins were up to 600.

I was then given a (nasty) penicillin injection and was told that I should be feeling better soon. Problem is, I don't. It's been six months now of pain and difficulty walking, and I'm concerned about the possible effects on the heart and kidneys.

Is there something that could be getting missed? Is there a chance that the bacteria causing this is antibiotic resistant? I don't even recall having a sore throat before all this began, so the strep diagnonsis was a bit of a suprise.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Yeah, it looks like that's the next step. I have to go in to have the tests redone this week to see where the numbers stand after the penicillin shot also.

Should the antiestreptolycin number come down to normal as soon as the bacteria is cleared? Or can that number stay high for a while afterwards?
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Can you ask your doctor to refer you to a rheumatologist for a work up?
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