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Rheumatoid myalgia

I was told long time ago (from doctor for thyroid) that my pains in the face, sinusitis and trigeminal neuralgia are from the neck muscle. As I study so much about my pains, I have found 2001 in one old Encyclopaedia my pains: Rheumatoid Myalgia and there were four different tablets, all four with hydrochloride. Rheumatoid myalgia depends a lot from the weather, what is true: wind, fog, changing weather make my pains worse.
Before that orthopaedist, 1998 gave me diagnosis: Levator scapula enthesopatia (myalgia). He gave me also tablets: Sirdalud 4 mg. I have got additional Tramadol 500 and both tablets helped me for two years. It is true, I was first very sleepy (about two hours), but then was good all day, without pains. Strange is here: both tablets are snow white. Even Naprosyn helped me about two years: snow white colour.
In my case most of all I have pains in the eyes (from sinusitis) and tingling all over head, neck, neck muscle and the face. When the pains start I am getting swollen all over. First of all, my neck muscle is swollen.
From orthopaedist I was told that my pains are not from the neck. He thought first, they are from ganglion stellatum. My ganglion stellatum is ok.
What more I have: calcifications on the ligament nuchal, pineal gland and also on the right shoulder.
For me is good: dry and warm climate (no wind) and all what is good for muscles as also tablets with hydrochloride. My doctor has nothing for me.
More: I have also Hypotireosis. 2005, I was told that I was born with small thyroid. Even, if I alone asked to make blood test for my thyroid, doctors today tell me, I have to take tablets all my life. I don't know why, as my pains are not from thyroid.
Is anybody there to have rheumatoid myalgia?
Thank you in advance for any comment,
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