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Severe & Debilitating Knee Pain

Trying to determine what is causing me to have such severe pain in both knees that whenever I kneel onto ANY surface it feels like I've either been hit with a baseball bat or swords have been shoved into my knees? It's all I can do to stop myself from screaming. It's so debilitating that I can't garden, pray, fall or pick anything up. I can't afford health insurance and am not allowed any public services as I'm a 1099 worker and although I pay state and IRS taxes and am a born/bred American citizen I've been told that because I don't have insurance I'm not allowed any medical service except if I were to be brought in from an accident via emergency vehicle or if I can pay full price. I was supposed to get an MRI/CAT Scan but they told me I'd have to come up with the $8,900.00 on the spot or it's just another Iowa 'Sorry about your luck' (their state motto) thing. If anyone knows what this is or how I can cure stop the pain I would be so grateful. I just want to know. I have been diagnosed with RA but I didn't think this would be part of that? I can't even buy meds from another country to help :-(  I want to garden SO bad! It's good for the soul and pretty to look at ;-) It hurts even on a bed, pillows or ANY surface. I've tried even touching/pressing and the same thing occurs, it's really horrible to be only 48 years old and already useless :-(  Hope someone out there can help me understand. Thanks ;-)
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Hi there!

Well, without an evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms or suggest a management plan. A few possibilities include patellar dislocation, chondromalacia patellae, infections/ inflammations, inflammations like bursitis, tendonitis, cyst formation, bone growths/ masses, nerve impingement/ pressure, fractures, etc. For appropriate diagnosis and management you would need to see a doctor, preferably an orthopedician. You could try contacting the social services department in your region or moving out of your place, if that would help you get access to medical services. Meanwhile you may try resting the knee. Application of ice-packs or Tylenol/ NSAIDS may be used for symptomatic relief as well.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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Thank you so much! That's what I've thought too but I can't afford health insurance. I did call Aetna, BC/BS of Iowa and others but keep getting 'no coverage for Iowa' as their response. I contacted the IA Dept. of Health & Human Services but they said that since I work 1099 even though I make only $18,000 per year gross/$5,755 net and pay fed/state taxes I am considered a non-citizen and therefore ineligible for assistance but since I can't afford healthcare I am eligible to be charged $1,500 per year extra on taxes due until I can afford it (which makes no sense and doesn't get me any closer to a diagnoses / treatment / cure). When my work was up, I did see an [ahem] 'physician' at the local community GP (and the only one available).  But, and I kid you not, (and have a witness) that she only looked at me fully clothed, and merely said, "Well Ms. K, if you don't have $8,900.00 cash, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do. Since you don't have insurance to help with the costs of an MRI/CAT scan, you'll have to make do. Please don't forget to pay for today's visit on your way out. Thank you." I was in tears from the pain and her callus manner, I paid the d*mnable $100 for a visit for which I received no help, but can't go back there they won't help.  So I came here and I appreciate your help but I'm really just back at square one.  However, I'm an Optimist. I say that with a capital "O" because I really believe in hope and the future and solutions. I'm looking for more / better work to either gather up the $8,900.00 to get diagnosed and hopefully treated or obtain health insurance from a legitimate, long-standing healthcare insurance company like Aetna, BC/BS etc.  My sister has said there are a few out of Nebraska that will cover Iowans so I will try there as well.  In closing thank you so much DrKaul, for the various suggestions on what I may have as I can bring that to any physician I will have in the future and help them narrow the diagnoses / treatment / cure down ;-) Have a terrific day!! ;-)
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