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Severe pain around knee - Sprain or Arthritis or something else ?

Hi, I need some suggestion. I am 32. I have been leading a relatively inactive life for the past many years. I am slightly overweight ( 5'10" & 84 KGs ) and I suspect I have some symptoms of arthritis in my knee joints as I can't keep my kness bent for more than 15-20 minutes without feeling some pain in my knees. For the last around 4-5 months or so I have occasionally noticed that I feel pain in my fingers joints while washing my hands when the finger joints rub against one another. I have never seen a doctor for this problem until recently when I got in to a more serious problem. 2 weeks back on a Sunday I went to the nearby park and jogged a bit. Came back home fine. Was Ok on Monday morning and Tuesday morning as well. However, when I got up on Wednesday morning I found my right knee was paining badly on and around knee cap even while lying in the bed. I realized it was not easy for me to bend my knee at all. even minor movements of the knee joint during extremly slow walking were causing discomfort. 2 days later I saw my doctor and told him the same story. He says, I have sprained my knee and put me on Diclofenac Sodium tabs alog with a Heat Rub. I started feeling better within 2 days. Once I felt better I got slightly irregular with my tablets as I have this tendency to keep off medication unless absolutely necessary. Within a day or so the pain returned. I got back on to the Diclofenac tablets and the heat rub. I couldn't sleep yesterday night due to the pain. I also noticed the pain has stretched out to the area above the knee ( I feel, all this while I have been walking a bit awkward trying to keep my knee stright and that might be spraining areas above knee). Now, I am really concerned and I have following concerns / questions

I understand the Diclofenac tablets are just painkillers. They can at the most keep me happy as long as I am taking them. How will this get healed even if it is just a sprain as my doctor suggested ? Can I try some home remedies ?

Please help !!

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If it is a sprain, it should respond to the following:
Ice (for the first 3 days when you switch to heat)

You may want to use crutches a bit to keep weight off it.  If it is not getting better after a week or 2 or if it starts to get worse, see your doc again.
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Listen to your doc and do what txsilver said.  There is no 'quick' cure for healing a sprain.  It's going to take the time it is going to take.  If you push it because you get impatient..you'll just make the healing process longer.  So, my advice.  Accept that your body needs some 'time'.  Do what the doc says and give your body the healing time that it needs.  I am saying this because I once had a pulled tendon that took almost a YEAR to heal because I'd get impatient, go off the meds, try to get back to 'normal' before I was healed enough.  Trust me, let your body have the time it takes to mend.
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