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Should I go for it

Hi I'm 20 years old and have been suffering from degenerative arthritis I my left knee due to injuries for quite some time now. I've had two major tear surgeries(acl and dual meniscus and mcl tears), it's been drained and I have gone through cortisone injections. Also according to a recent mri I have severe cartilage/bone loss. Now because if all this and the fact that I can't run, dance, our even walk without it giving out my dr wants me to get a knee replacement. I have heard a lot of different things
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Continued sorry things about getting it replaced and needed new replacements for the replacement, severe pain, and even that I would need to relearn how to walk and I need to know if it's even worth it any help is appreciated.
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Hi there!

Well, the prognosis following an ACL tear and meniscal removal is not very good and patients often require knee replacements in the long run. Knee replacements usually last 15-20 years after which a re-replacement may be required. The pros of getting one done are a good chance of a symptom free period and return to normal activities. I would suggest discussing the situation and the expected prognosis in detail with your treating orthopedician.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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