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Still in pain

In Jan 2009 I had arthroscopic surgery,when I went to recovery the doc said I was going to need a keen replacement sevier arthritis. So 6months later I had it done,I was 45. 3months later I had a minipulation because of stiffness,well 6months later I had to have a revision due to scar tissue,so back to therapy every day worked real had but it was not working 10monthes later another revision the scar tissue had loosened the joint,meanwhile the pain was unbareable.   Another 9 months later I  had to have a nerve release because of scar tissue trapping the nerve,well it is 2months and no change,the pain is horrible, I don't. Sleep more than 2 hours at a time I can't  be on my leg long I have to walk with a cane,it's  not what I thought it would be.My doctor is very good and has tried asking around to his colleagues  with no success ,he told me 1 out of 1000 have a scar tissue problem that causes this problem,pain, and swelling,we can't go in to scrap the scar tissue out anymore because every time he went in and scrapped it developed even thicker and faster so trying to deal with the pain just *****.being able to talk here does help a little.I go to pain managment but unless I'm dropped up all day the pain is very bad,and I still have to live.so I hope all of us here can get some answers some day about our pain ,because we didn't sign up for this
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How are you? I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms for the last 4 years.  Apart from medical therapy for the pain, complementary and alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture and biofeedback therapy may also help. Hang on and stay positive. Take care and do keep us posted. Best regards.
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