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Vit d deficiency - Recovery timescales

Hi, I have had muscle, tendon and joint pain for two years and had numerous tests including bloods, x-ray and MRI scans all which showed normal.  I have just had a vit d blood test done and it has shown a deficiency (26) for which my doctor has prescribed 3000 units per day.  Can anyone give me a clue as to how long it should take before i see some signs of improvement. Thanks
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I'm in the same boat as you only still waiting on my x-ray results. Last year my Vit D lvl was 6. A month ago it was up to 48 and I do feel better, not good but a heck of a lot better then I had a few months ago (sleeping constantly and crying from pain). But, I still have toothache type joint pain and stabbing pain. RA or Vit D I have NO idea. But, when I did go back to get the lvl 48 results my rheumy told me my B12 is low now....

Vit D def. can be a long slow process from what I understand.
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Hi,  I know some of you have said that the symptoms can increase whilst taking the supplements but I cannot understand why this is and I'm starting to doubt that the treatment is working.  I just could do with some re-assurance.  Are there any articles etc I could read to explain what is happening to cause this.

Thanks to anyone who may be able to help
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Oh, I just saw this. So it looks like Vit D therapy is cathing on with some doctors. Thank God!
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