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Weird growth on foot

Hi all,

I am not sure I am posting this in the right Topic category, but here it goes.
I have been having a painful lump on my metatarsal joint of the toe second to my small toe.
The doctor says it is a ganglion cyst and nothing to worry about.
The thing that puzzles him though is that some kind of painless fiber has been growing under
the skin starting from this lump to about the top-middle of my foot where it seems to have
glued itself to under my skin.  At this spot where it is glued to my skin it is painful when I touch it.
The rest of the "fiber", or cord, or wire, as it seems to be when I touch it (it moves under the skin as
if it was a fibrous wire but not where it ends where it seems to be sticking to the flesh).

I wonder what that growth is!!!  It is about 4-5 cm long.  The doc. seems to think it is tendon related.  Any idea ?

Thanks to all,

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Bless your foot!  I cannot even imagine what this must be like for you.  I do, however, know what it is like to feel to have something that the doctor cannot quite completely diagnose.  Please get to another doctor and get a second opinion.  If he does not know, try another and maybe even change specialties.  You will know you have the right doctor when he knows what it is or is willing to research it or does not stop trying to figure it out and wants to call in peers to assist.  Good luck!
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