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Welcome to the Arthritis Forum!

Welcome to the arthritis forum!  Here you will find a wonderful group of friends who have arthritis, think they have arthritis or are being diagnosed.  We are patients, not doctors, and through our combined experiences, we have much information we can share to help you as you go through the steps of getting a diagnosis, or if you're newly diagnosed, we can offer suggestions on how to cope.   We are all here to support, share and laugh with each other as we find our way through all the ways arthritis affects our lives.

Did you know there are over 100 different types of arthritis?  Many of us here have autoimmune forms of arthritis meaning that our immune systems have gone awry and are attacking healthy tissue.  Some of us have osteoarthritis, which can provide similar challenges.  All of these conditions share discomfort, pain and limitation of our abilities.  This common denominator binds us together as we conquer the challenges of these conditions.

To get the most from our forum, please post and share your questions, thoughts, concerns or funny stories.  Nothing is too silly, too common or too weird.  You will be surprised at how many of us will be able to identify with you!  If you are more comfortable just reading the posts, or replying to others, by all means join in that way, too.  We try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible but don’t fret if it takes a bit to get a response.  Feel free to bump your message back to the top of the forum by adding an entry and know we will write as soon as we can.  

Besides our fabulous forum, Medhelp has great tools that you can take advantage of, too.  
*  There are pain trackers, journals and the ability to set your visibility preferences on your profile page.  
*  You can send private messages, leave notes and read what other members have shared on their profile pages.  
*  At the top of the forum page you will see a list of common arthritis forum conditions and you can click on each of them for more information about them.  
*  The Health Topics page can be accessed where you will find a vast library of information on a variety of subjects.
*  On the Forums page you will find patient forums on the left and ask a doctor forums on the right.

We're glad you found us and look forward to getting to know you!


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Please be sure to check out the Health Pages - link is on the top right of this page. There you will find a new health page titled "Managing Chores with Arthritis/Chronic Pain"
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Hi i need help dont know if i have arthritis or not here are symptoms

body pain
hip pain
stiff neck

pleaseemail me at ***@****

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Hello there I have had Orbital Myositis for 15 years. I live in the Sunny and very wet Uk and have been up and down this green and wonderful country trying to get my condition stable, but all that has happened is I have been put on so many medications that I now have been getting very bad side effects and all the doctors I see seem to be going down different roads and I think that none of them have got any idea!!! I'm currently being treated with 150mg of Azathioprine and 30mg steroids daily. they say that I have to get off my steroids as I'm having such bad side effects, such as sweating and hot flushes up to 20-30 per day, not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time or even not sleeping at all for over 24 plus and all the other stuff you get, I'm confused because my Doctors at the eye clinic are saying that steroids do not have this side effects but my GP is saying it is the steroids and the Rheumatology Dept are saying I need to get off them ASAP. So they put me on the Azathioprine 9 months ago and stated they was going to reduce the steroids but they have NOT to date. I had to increase my steroids due to a very bad flare up over the last 4-6 weeks. I know that my condition is rare and there is very little research happening but I have come to live with the pain and the big puffy eyes. But my main concern is all these toxic medications I'm putting into my body!!! I have tried to get some support from others here in the Uk but even the Myoistis group Uk have got no support for me. All I wish is there anyone I can talk to, has you know family and friends can help but sometimes you feel like your just going on and after 15 years I even bore myself some times.I hope that you may know someone that may give me some tips or maybe I can offer some help has well. Even if it someone on who's the same medication but with a different condition, so we can share our experience's.

I look forward to hearing from you



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Hi everyone, im 21 and was diagnosed with arthritis at the ripe old age of 12 lol. it has been hard work getting around the pain etc...i play footy oft en and live a normal life, i am just starting some new  drugs now which are supposed to be very effective in the long -run.

Has anyone else been diagnosed at such a young age here?
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I feel ya, i'm 23 and diagnosed at 16. I'm on Humira and was on Enbrel for a little over 4 years. My big problem was finding insurance after college and reaching the age where you can't be covered by your parent's insurance. That is my only advice for you, find a good job!! And maybe get a degree that is worth something, not like mine, ha.
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