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Worried about numbness and tingling in arms and legs

For several years I have experienced joint pains in my hips, knees, shoulders... But I just can't get to the bottom of it with the drs. I was sent to a physio who was quite rude to me, telling me that my symptoms were stress related and I was imagining it. So the burning pains which drive me to despair are imaginary are they? I notice that these symptoms are worse in cold weather. More recently though, I have developed a lot of numbness and tingling in my arms and hands... Sometimes this extends to my legs and feet. It's often worse at night when I will wake up with stiff elbows or knees which seem to be locked in a bent position and I have to slowly straighten them out. I wake up a lot with numb arms which feel heavy and tingly. This is also beginning to happen during the day, even when I am not leaning on that arm or leg.
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Sorry you are in pain.   I have neuropathy that leads to burning pain and tingling.  I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  It's very controversial.  I also have anxiety, so many docs said it was anxiety for me also.  You might want to check out the Lyme forum - have you ever been bitten by a tick?  Your joint pain concerns me for Lyme, or arthritis, etc.
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Thanks for your response... I'm not aware that I have ever been bitten by a tick. I do wonder if it's arthritis but the drs just don't seem to mention it and I end up feeling like a hypochondriac or like I'm wasting their time but I know I have a genuine problem. I've had it for years and it's getting worse. I'm 31 now... my mum was diagnosed with osteoarthritis last year and our symptoms are very similar. Although I've always thought mine seemed more like rheumatoid arthritis. I forgot to mention earlier but recently I have also developed a pain in my left heel... especially when I stand on it... like I've trodden on something sharp, I also have pain in my coccyx and also my fingers become stiff very quickly if I hold them in the same position for a few minutes... e.g. when holding the steering wheel when driving. I wonder if some drs dismiss things like arthritis unless you're over a certain age.
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While you are getting blood drawn you may want to have your thyroid checked. It can also lead to arthritis, neuropathy, and the list goes on and on. Look up on the thyroid forum and read some of the symptoms and see if you have any others that you may think are related to day to day living, age ect.  Hope you get a diagnosis and relief soon.

Best wishes Sissie
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Thanks... I have had my thyroid checked twice before... but it came back negative. I had it checked because I'm always soooooo tired and struggle with my weight. My mum used to be a nurse and she thinks I've got a problem with my thyroid but the blood tests came back negative so not really sure what to do now.
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You may have a couple of different things going on. Joint pain and stiffness that worsens with immobility (ie while you're sleeping) sounds much like RA...
I have had much numbness and tingling problems for about 6 or so years. (I'm 33 now.) I told doctors and just was always brushed off about it. Anyways long story short I saw a new rheumatologist a month or so ago and within a few minutes he diagnosed it as thoracic outlet syndrome. Which explains the numbness in the arms/hands, but not the legs. I had already figured out before this that I have to sleep on my back with my arms flat next to me or they go numb. Same for my legs and such I must be very careful how I sit and stand. I also find that doing stretches at the first hint of problems helps tremendously and taking some tylenol or ibuprofen. Stretches that focus on your shoulder and hip areas.
I hope you find healing and answers!
Hi, I'm having very similar symptoms and was just diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis, but don't have any joint pain. Only inflammation in hands and feet, along with numbness and tingling in hands, arms, legs and feet.  I have to sleep on my back too with my arms flat next to me.  I was wondering if you have an update on your health since it's been awhile.
Hello, welcome tot he forum.  How were you diagnosed?  And have you started any medication?
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so sorry, poor you,its awful to feel as if you are making a fuss when you know you are right.  Stick with it,change your doctor if possible.  If a new doctor joins the practise go to him/her, a new doc may often have new knowlege or at least an open mind on your symptoms.  It seems to me that you may have several things going on with heel and other pains,but anyway you need to be heard,if only to get peace of mind.  Can you afford to go private for an initial consultation?.  Ask around from other seniors,who they think is most sympathetic.  You need to get sorted out,if you can find a good trustworthy practitioner,reflexology helps a bit with pain and wellbeing.  But is not the answer an open-minded doc maybe.

Good luck and God Bless. Dont give up you need to get help,evenmore so at your young age.

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