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Wrist pain, may be connected to arthritis, need help please.

My mother has osteoarthritis in her lower back, hips, knees, ankles, wrists, and her jaw. She has, for the last month had intermitent pain in her right wrist, feeling of numbness but not totally numb from the wrist bone to the ring and pinky finger but only on that side of her wrist, inflammation on the outside of her wrist, with inflammation of the hand, and she cannot grip or hold anything, and she can feel heat but not coldness on the outside of her hand. I would like to know what could be wrong with her. She cannot go to the doctor because of insurance issues. Please get back to me, I am very worried about her.
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There could be many causes for your mother's symptoms.  Anything from carpal tunnel to a pinched nerve to arthritis and on.  The only way to identify the cause with certainty is to see a doctor.  While she may not be able to see her regular doctors, there are clinics that are free where her symptoms can be evaluated and even treated.
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