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arthrites in neck

I was at A and E last night with what i thought was severe headaches,
but was diagnosed with arthrites in upper neck which is causing pain in my head but is actually from my neck.
What is the best way to handle this pain please.??????????????
Was given Difene tabs bruffen and losec.
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I also arthritis involvement in my neck. I find it helps to wear a soft neck collar when the pain is bad. It helps your neck muscles not work so hard to stabilize your neck. The neck tension often leads to headaches. I remember my mom also used to use a home traction device that was attached to a door. The harness hooked under her chin and the back of her head, and gentle upward tension helped relieve neck pain. You can get these on the internet but i strongly advise you to check with your doctor first. Also, ask for a referral to a pain management specialist.
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Hi carolanivey.
Thank you for your responce.
I am waiting at the moment for an appointment with pain managment at local hospital.
I thouht after all this time pain would have gone. It has eased a little but is there all the time.
have been on every type of pain killers even oxycontin which has morphine in it,but doctor wouldnt leave me on them. Now back on lyrica 50 ml but in 2 weeks go on 75 m
    Thank you very much for your reply
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I don't classify my neck pain as severe so please bear that in mind. I have a lot of neck pain and headaches from it as well. I have bought one of those orthopedic memory foam pillows. I have found that I cannot move my neck posterior (backwards) at all without getting an almost immediate neck and headache. That means I try very hard not to look up high into cupboards, the sky, whatever (without moving my body instead of my neck). I am careful how I sit - if I slouch or sit on the floor I end up bending my neck without realizing it. I have to be careful how I lay on a couch or in bed - I must have support so that my neck isn't bending backwards at all or it triggers the pain. Once I start to get the pain I immediately start to try to do very gentle neck stretches. It seems to help some with the muscles supporting the neck. Probably wise to check with your doctor first though.
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I have suffered with arthritis for many years.  I have founf regular massage to help, and as soon as I feel it worsening I rub my neck and lower scalp with vicks and a hot pack and this will usually help
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I have osteoarthritis an bone spurs in neck,taking prednisone,pain pills,muscle relaxes an now doing neck injections,doing my second one on the 21.but don't seem to have relief.having intense pressure pain in neck  around ears in back of head numbness in head face an neck
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