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arthritis, lupus or heart disease???

I am a 40 year old female. I have pain in my joints and muscles, reflux, heartburn, bowel problems, high cholesterol and elevated c reactive protein.  I have had these problems for years.  I can not remember not having heartburn and reflux.  I love my doctor but couldn't get him to find any reason for pain.
About four years ago, got a second opinion from an internist.  He ran all types of blood tests and found high cholesterol (LDL: 150) nad elevated c reactive protein (10).  He prescribed Wellbutrin????????? I went back to my doctor with a copy of the blood tests from the internist and nothing was done.  I took it as I needed to deal with it and started Nexium for heartburn and reflux (which has helped).
After four years, I decided I have to do something.  I went back to my doctor asked for a cholesterol check and a check on the c reactive protein test.  I had my diseased galbladder removed.  I have had an upper and lower gi and barium swallow.  
My LDL cholesterol is now 200.  I started 20 mg lipitor/day.  My c reactive protein is 18.  
I was sent to a rheumatologist and he started me on Plaquenil 200mg a day for the first month then up to 400mg a day.  He has not given me a diagnosis, Lupus or Arthritis.  I have been on both meds for about a week.  Too soon to notice any changes.  I am to return to my doctor for the Lipitor check in one month and the rheumatologist in three months.
My concern is with the elevated c reactive protein.  Everything that I can find on the internet points to heart disease.  I want to know what I should do-do I wait three months?  Do I find another family doctor?  Is there a test to determine heart diease versus lupus/arthritis?
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What tests did your rheumatologist run?  X-rays? MRI? Nuclear bone and joint scan?  Did he check your ANA?  There are lots of tests they can run to rule in or out various auto-immune diseases.
Regarding your elevated c reactive protein.  That can be inflammation.  If you are worried about your heart, do not wait, call a cardiologist and make an appointment.  Get a doctor referral to one if you need it.
I have been on Plaquenil for 4 months and methotrexate for 1 month.  The plaquenil did not cut it for me - I hope you have better luck.
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Thanks for replying.  After receiving your post, I called my rheumatologist office and asked for a copy of the blood work.  
The only thing that it shows is that Alpha-2 globulins are slighted elevated, albumin is low, B-12 is slightly low and the sed rate is 53.
I have been trying to find out more about lupus and/or arthritis but I really feel more confused.
This may be a strange symptom but I am having trouble coming up with common words when I am talking to someone.  My memory has been getting worse.  
Thanks again for your reply.
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Hi, it sounds to me like this rheumatologist is not really helping you.  At the very least, you should go back and INSIST on a diagnosis.  I went to three specialists for my knee, and now I'm going to a rheumatologist because I have a lot of other joint pain besides the knees.  Also, I don't like taking too many drugs, so if the doctor doesn't tell me WHY I'm taking something and what it's for, I'm not taking it.

Just my opinion, but I would say keep trying to find a doctor who takes you seriously.
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You need your Thyroid checked, just my opinion with them symptoms and it can cause brainfog as well.
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