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6 months ago i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis,am only 38 so still like a drink but have been put on methotrexate 10 tabs once a week but still been drinking on a daily basis,now i have started to bruise quite easily the other day i had a bruise on the back of my leg the size of my fist but dont remember banging it what damage will i do if i carry on drinking many thanks bobby
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Hi there, I too have early RA.   I also was put on the methotrexate 10mg weekly, although it's just been increased to 15mg.  Are you on 10mg weekly or 10 tablets which is 25 mg?  25 mg is a very high dose

I loved my wine Bobby.  Part of my day was to come home and have 2 or 3 glasses of a nice red while I chatted with my husband and cooked dinner.

After my diagnosis my Rheumy told me to drink no more than 3 glasses per week.

I have a good friend in England who is on mtx and he was told no more than 1 drink a month.

I decided to quit drinking and only have the occasional glass of wine on special occasions (Thanks giving, Christmas, A special dinner with relatives).  I took the wine I had at my house and gave it to my co workers....they were VERY happy.

You need to ask yourself if you want to risk damage to your liver.  I don't think the bruising is drinking related, probably a side effect from the mtx.  But you need to tell your doc about it AND tell him/her exactly how much you drink.  Don't fib!

If it helps Bobby, I also gave up smoking (after over 30 years) and drinking in the same week.  I have heard that the chances of developing rheumatoid disease in the lungs increase greatly for people with ra that smoke.

I'm only 44 and I understand the drinking.  Red wine and brandy were my drinks.  My dad collects wine, and my friends and co worker's all drink.  But I was afraid that I'd mess up my liver and would be limited on the choices of medication that I could take for ra.  It's not worth it to me anymore to drink.  If you give it up be sure to remove temptations.  The first couple of weeks were hard for me.  I would pour Pelegrino water in a wine glass and surprisingly that really helped.

Good luck!

Lisa, Reno, NV
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With a dose that high (10 tablets = 25 mg), I agree with Lisa. That's a pretty high dose and if I were you I'd abstain from alcohol completely until you get the point you can have the dose lowered. An alcohol buzz is temporary - liver damage could be forever!
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