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atypical urothelial cells, weight loss, joint muscle pain, frequent urination

I am a 57 year old female with migratory joint and muscle pain. It ranges from mild to debilitating. I have had this for several years.  The doctor says I have rheumatoid arthritis even though the blood tests do not show the antibodies. His diagnosis is based on the finger and hand deformities in one hand and the painful joints and swelling of joints. I also have experienced weight loss, from 150 to 120 pounds in 6 months. I also have very frequent urination, which I have experienced for several years.  Blood was found in a recent urine sample, another sample showed atypical urothelial cells. Cystoscopy was normal.  Abdominal ultra sound was normal but air in intestine blocked the technician from seeing more. Pelvic ultra sound scheduled.  Could cancer in another area of my body cause atypical urothelial cells in my urine? Would this be indicative of a more advanced form of cancer? Can I have atypical urothelial cells in my urine and not have cancer?  Thanks, am concerned.
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Please ask for them to run what is called a Urovysion Urine Test.  I , two of these tests wtihin a 6mos time period.   I, too, had atypical cells + blood as you describe and had two cystoscopes, and IVP w/constrast x-ray as well as a CT Scan w/o contrast and the bottom

Turns out my atypical cells were Atypical Inflammatory cells and not atypical cancer cells.  All the other tests ruled out all the big Cancer stuff, too.

A Urovysion urine test is a DNA test and takes about 7 days to get an answer and the answer is only two things Cancer or Not Cancer ....... bladder cancer is what it looks for.  An IVP w/constrast X-ray will look @ the entire system and the CT Scan w/o constrast will show kidney stones.

The test was covered fully by my insurance.

Bottom line for me.  They found kidney stones moving around in my kidneys which were chaning the cells and causing the blood.

Cheryl (arthritis in ankle + kidney, gallstones)
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Sorry on the typos .. but in a nutshell the answer is yes, they can inflammatory cells.

Might you have a urinary tract infection that isn't showing positive?  That is how all mine started 3yrs ago ... once they got me on antibotic all my symptoms went away except the blood and atypical cells but I gained the weight back and my knees/ankles stopped hurting.

I lost 10lbs in a week from it.

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