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back and knee pain

is topamax used to treat a back injury? everything that I reads say migraines, seizures, well I don't have seizures or migraines. I have a bad knee and I have a bad back.  I started Topamax and it makes me feel so bad.  The pain is worse than before? is this normal? my feet hand and vision are all affectative. Numbness in feet and hands, just plain can't see. blured vision. lousy feeling
I am a diabetic, over weight, a total wreck for the last 4 years
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I can only comment on my dealing with Topomax.  It really screwed my head up.  Always had a lightheaded feeling and it also affected my vision.  I know, from experience, that docs will use some of these epileptic/seizure meds to help with neurological pain.  It may be that they need to try something different.  You need to contact your doctor and let them know of these side effects.  Being diabetic and overweight too, you need to be careful.  Please call your doctor and tell them.
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Jmar is right about the way the anti-seizure drugs can mess with your ability to function.  Please do call your doctor and get your treatment adjusted.  
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