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does Glucosamine really help with joint pain??

Hi everyone. At this point we are not sure what my illness is. However, I have so much joint pain throughout my body and I am desperate for any advice that might help. I am very stiff even if I only sit for a few minutes. I can't do really anything with my hands anymore because my wrists hurt so bad. Whatever my mystery illness is it is effecting my stomach so I need to be very careful that i don't take anything that would cause more problems. Will Glucosamine help?  Are there any side effects?

Thanks so much
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You sound desperate for relief and I can understand where you are coming from.  While waiting for a diagnosis and thus a treatment, I tried all kinds of things to get relief.  The truth is that it may or may not help you to take glucosamine.  I have heard from many with osteoarthritis that swear it helps, but it did not do anything for me and my forms of arthritis.  Do you have other symptoms besides stomach issues and joint pain?  Have you had tests to see if this is an autoimmune condition?  Have your doctors prescribed anything to treat you?  Have you tried heat wraps or topical treatments like biofreeze or stop pain?  
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