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gout treatment

I have suffered from 3 attacks of gout in my right foot / big toe joint during the past three years. The joint has degenerated severely due to arthritis. My uric acid level was high last two times and I started regularly taking black cherry concentrate daily. This attack has gone on for 10 days and isn't as severe as the last one, but still bad. I can't take the usual medications because they upset my intestinal tract and stomach so much that I had to go to the ER. This blood test showed my uric acid level as normal. Dr was surprised and so was I. I can only assume that the cherry concentrate does help, but can anybody suggest anything else I can do? Can't get a shoe on of course and can't drive. Just hobbling around.
Thanks, Kev
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Thanks or your advice. I am doing all the things you suggest plus the black cherry concentrate. Cochicine sent me to the ER. I've also tried a couple of PPI drugs, but can't tolerate them either. Unfortunately I am very drug 'sensitive' and have a strange digestive system in that the acid / alkaline balance constantly goes out of whack and sometimes I need acidic food and other times the opposite. Ulcers etc flare. Anyway, thanks again and hope you keep well yourself. Best wishes
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What meds have you tried that bothered you?  Definitely don't take aspirin as that can make it worse.  Were you on Cochicine and/or some other NSAID's?  Cut down on caffiene, alcohol, animal proteins, beans, lentils, and vegetables such as peas, beans, and spinach.  Drink at least 3 litres of fluid (preferably water) a day.  Reduce your weight and blood pressure.  If you are taking any diuretics for blood pressure they can cause issues as well.  

Something to talk to your doctor about is trying a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) which protects your stomach.  This has allowed me to successfully take a lot of drugs that were causing me stomach issues.
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