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having a lot of pressure in neck around ears an back of head

http://dmg98m9mr6pi1.cloudfront.net/user_photos/627161?1450189535.    Going for my second injection in neck to help relieve pressure pain but so far no help yet,
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I hope the neck injection will be more effective and reduce your pain and pressure. Pain is no fun and can disrupt our entire life. My heart goes out to you!

I'll look forward to your updates. Take care my friend in pain.

Best of Luck,
So the injections isn't doing any good
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Sorry Nananana,

I didn't see your comment to me until today. MedHelp is changing it's format and I'm in a learning curve.

I'm not certain what you mean when you state, "So the injections isn't doing any good."  Is that a question to me about your injections? Or have you had your second injection with no relief!

I should have been more wordy in my initial response. When you talk about injections I assume you are talking about a steroidal injection.  Some ppl find great relief with these injections and some don't. It's my opinion that there are varying factors that determine success or failure.  One is obviously the severity of your condition, another one is the talent/skill of the practitioner preforming the injection and another is just how your body responds to the procedure/medication.

The condition of your cervical spine appears complex. I am not surprised that you did not have good results.

I am not able to pull up the link you provided. Sorry. It may very well be me - and not the link.

What's next for you? I'm sorry you are having pain and issues. I have cervical spine pain also. Right now my head is throbbing - thanks to the spine issues. It's absolutely the pits. I do get it.  I'll look forward to your updates.

Best of Luck,
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