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Hi, I´m a 56-year-old with advanced arthritis in my left hip and mild in the right. I have to travel, sometimes intercontinental, because of work, which involves not just flying but also unavoidable bus trips in between. And a certain amount of physical well-being is pretty crucial to my kind of work. I´ve got hip-replacement surgery scheduled for March of next year, but until then I have several long trips scheduled. I try not no sit for too long in the plane (flying business-class is not an option economically), do some stretching when possible, but still end up feeling lots of pain in hip and lower back, and debilitating loss of strength. It takes weeks after a trip to feel better, and it seems to have gotten much worse recently, so would appreciate any tips I can get to make my trips more managable.
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Hi Steve.  :)

I apologize for being so late getting to your post.  I haven't been on MH (MedHelp) for awhile you posted before I was back.

I want you to know how sorry I am that you are having to live with the pain you have.  The arthritic pain you are having to endure.is like no other, as you know.  I've been living with mine since I was 28 yrs old and I'm now 69.  The only thing that helps is getting your hip implants.  Once you get it the arthritic pain WILL go away.  :)

I'm hoping you haven't finished all of your trips as of yet and hope this can give you a little bit of relief when traveling.

I've had 3 hip implants in my left hip and I'm getting ready to have my 1st hip implant in my right hip on October 28th of this year.  Now when I travel I always get wheelchair assistance to help me from gate to gate.  This takes an immense amount of stress off of my hips, back and legs and definitely it helps keep the pain at bay.  This allows.yoj to be seated on the plane before others and usually you can get a window seat so that you don't have to get up and down for the other passengers going in and out.  You don't have to accept the wheelchair help at each stop, if you don't want to but you will have the option and it sure helps with the pain.  Not only that but you don't have the weight of having to pull your carry-on bag or having to lift it.  As you know, every little bit helps.  I hope you will consider this.  I'm flying out in a week from tomorrow, the 22nd of Sept and I have the help already lined up.  They pick you up when you get to the curb and wheel you thru the counter and you get straight to the front of the line when  when you get to Security.  You don't have to stand in that long line and wait.  Then after Security they take you straight to your gate and if you need to get food or beverage they will take you there to get it before you get on the plane.  As I said earlier, you then get to board before anyone else and.don't have to stand in any lines.  Without this, I wouldn't be able to travel.  I'd never make it from gate to gate between lay-overs.

Steve, I wish you the VERY best & can't.wait for you to have your surgery so that you can feel the relief that you will have.

Best of luck and I hope this has been of some help to you.  Again, I'm sorry it's so late.   .............. Sherry  :)
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Hi there, I am following anything related to osteoarthritis in the hip. I am curious, when you say 'hip implant', do you mean a hip replacement? You said that you have had 3 hip implants? Can you tell us since when, and why so many have had to be replaced? Thank you.
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Hi DianneMcA.  :)

I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left hip when I was only 28 years old and was told at that time I'd probably had it since I was a teenager.  They wanted me to do it then but told me that since they hadn't been around for long (this was in 1974) that I should try to put it off as long as possible. I was able to put it off until I was 35 (1981) but I'd put it off so long that there was NO hip joint left at all.  The 1st implant was done in Tulsa, OK and lasted until 2007 (26 years) and I wore 5" heels and danced and did everything I'd always done and had NO PAIN for most of that time.  When I went in because of the pain in 2007 the joint was finally won out. By this time I lived in Nashville, TN and when I had it done he suggested that we just replace the cup in the socket.  He did  TERRIBLE job and my pain never ceased. I knew what it should eel like, because you never forget that, and this was terrible.  I told my PCP (Primary Care Physician) and he took an X-ray and it was put in at to sharp an angle and was loose.  I didn't want to go back to that Dr. again so I put up with the pain until we moved to Phoenix, AZ and my PM (Pain Management) Dr. sent me to a wonderful Orthopedic Surgeon and he did a total hip implant and once again I'm pain free in my left hip. I shouldn't have to have it replaced again in my life time.  I go in on October 28th to get my right hip replaced for the first time by this same wonderful surgeon and I expect to get the same great results. I wouldn't.have had to have the 3rd surgery on the left hip if I hadn't had such a terrible surgeon the 2nd time.  He never told me that he'd made a mistake he just said, "well it looks a little high". He retired the year I moved to Phoenix, AZ.  It certainly made Nashville a safer place for arthritis sufferers when he did.  I actually wrote him a Thank you letter for retiring.  :)

Hope that explains it a little.  Are you going to have to have an implant yourself? If you are don't put it off as it will take your arthritic pain away immediately.  The only pain you should have when you wake up after surgery is a little bit of surgical pain and nothing else and it's nothing compared to the arthritic pain we feel each day.  

Best wishes.    ..........       Sherry   :)
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Sorry, I realized I never answered your 1st question.  :(   Yes, a hip implant is a hip replacement.  

Again, sorry for not addressing that 1st.
                        ............      Sherry   :)
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